Garage Door Security

You may have the best security system and the best lock on your door, but if your garage door isn’t secure it may be all for nothing. It’s the largest entry point into your home, and while it’s a potential security weakness you can prevent issues by taking some security precautions.garage door

  • Never leave your garage door open or partially open. You can get an auto closer to prevent issues.
  • If your garage door has windows, frost or block them to prevent anyone from seeing into your garage.
  • Get a new garage door opener that  functions with a rolling code that will constantly change the garage door code. Older ones are easily hackable to a knowledgeable burglar
  • Make sure to change the default password on your lock
  • Do not leave your remote in the car. If your car is stolen, thieves may be able to learn your address from paperwork in the car and use the remote to gain access to your home.
  • Use zip ties to secure the emergency release handle on the opener. This will prevent it from being triggered by a burglar from the outside.
  • Prevent yourself from losing your opener by putting it on a keychain.
  • If you go on vacation add some extra security by putting a padlock or a latch to your door.
  • Get  control of your garage door via your smartphone, with this you can see garage door is open or closed from even remote locations.
  • Maintain your garage door properly. Garage doors have moving parts that can corrode or wear out with age. Make sure that all parts of your garage door are in good working condition.
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