Yes, we can make car keys for all makes and models of vehicles, including high security vehicles. Some of the keys are dealer only item so if you have a Saab, Volvo, or Porsche please call ahead to make sure we can program it. For BMW and Mercedes we can make keys for 2014 and older models with ease.

Most of the car keys have a small chip in it, called a transponder. For these type of keys it is not just about cutting the key, they also have to be programmed to the car’s computer in order for your car to start. If your key has a plastic head more than likely it’s a transponder key. If you are not sure if you have this type of key just call us with your vehicle year, make, and model and we can let you know right over the phone.

Car keys vary greatly in price because each vehicle key is different to program and cut. Most car keys with chip run from $65-$295 cut and programmed. Cost of you car key will depend on following:

  • Is it a key with or without a security chip that requires programming.
  • Do you have push to start in your car? (proximity keys are usually more)
  • Do you have a working car key or not? (if you have no key it will cost a little more)

We always quote a full price before starting work, so you can decide if you want to get it today or hold off on it for a bit.

If you have your own remote you bought online or your current remote somehow lost it programming, we can program the remote for you.

We also carry key fobs and remotes for all types of cars and have the equipment to program it. If you are looking to get a new car key, fob, or remote programmed please make sure to have any others you already have with you. All keys or fobs you want to operate your car must be programmed together or the older ones won’t work.

We can make house keys for any type of lock you may have on your door. Even if you loose your only copy of the key, we can still make you a new key. First we would need to pick the lock open and then take the lock apart so we can re-key it and make you a new key.

The new key we make will be different from the old one you lost so even if someone finds it they can’t use it to unlock your door. If you have other locks that used the same key they also must be re-keyed in order for them work with the new key.

It really depends on the type of lock you have on your door, home keys run between $2.50-7 with most of them falling in the lower range.

No, drilling is only used if we can’t get the lock open in a reasonable amount of time. First we will do our best to open your lock without causing any damage like picking the lock, manipulation, or impressioning.

These methods work most of the time, however, even the most experienced locksmith can run into locks they simply cannot open in timely fashion. Only then will we drill out the lock. Drilling the lock will not cause any damage to the door but will make your lock unusable. In the highly unlikely situation when we do end up drilling your lock, we are able to replace it with a new one.

There are many different things that factor in the cost of home door unlocking. Your price for door unlocking is affected by the following things:

  • Your distance from our nearest locksmith?
  • Time of the day, during normal business hours it is cheaper.
  • Type of door lock, high security locks cost more to open and some may even require drilling. If drilling is required you will need to have the lock replaced. (don’t worry we will do everything to prevent having to drill your lock)

Absolutely, we carry locks from all major brands and can help you pick the right lock for your security needs and budget. Whether you want a medium or a high security lock we got you covered, even if you want an electronic lock or access control device.

Re-keying is the process in which the lock cylinder is pulled out and fitted with new pins to change the key that opens it. Re-keying will render the old keys useless while saving you money by not having to buy new hardware.

All re-keys and new locks come with 2 keys free of charge and we can even make 2 additional complimentary keys for you on site. (additional complimentary key offer does not apply to super high security locks like Mul-T-Lock)

Rekey of lock can also range in price depending on the type of lock you have. Most rekeys cost around $18-25, however, if you have high security locks price can go up to $35-45.

Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate”, “Do Not Copy”, or ” Unlawful to Copy” can only be duplicated with a letter of authorization from the owner or manager of the property.

The letter must be on company letterhead and identify the person picking up the keys, number of keys to be made, and the contact information of the writer of said letter.

The person who is picking up the keys will need a government supplied ID (drivers license or state issued ID card) to verify identity. We reserve the right to refuse to copy any key marked “Do Not Copy”.

Yes, we are an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer that can sell and install the locks as well as provide copying of keys. Mul-T-Lock keys CAN NOT be made unless the original key is present.

To get a copy of the key you must meet all requirements mentioned above for “Do Not Copy” keys.

Again, the price depends on the type of lock, they range from $15-25.

It is not necessary to have the locks changed unless the lock is no longer functional or desirable. You can have the lock re-keyed for much cheaper than replacing the entire lock.

After re-keying the lock can only be opened using the new key which will be different from the old key, making the old key useless on the lock.

Some of the most secure locks we offer are Mul-T-Lock and Medeco, they are virtually pick proof and offers a very high level of security.

These locks can be a bit pricey for residential customers and other options are available that provide a higher level of security than traditional pin and tumbler locks.

Give us a call and we can help you pick a lock based on the desired level of security and your budget.

We have to make sure that we are unlocking the property for the rightful owner and check the ID to verify ownership.

It is usually a good idea to make sure that the locksmith you are considering to hire is a legitimate business and not a fraud.

Maryland is one of the few states that does require licensing of locksmith business. You can find out if the locksmith you are considering to hire is licensed in Maryland by visiting the DLLR website.

Our Maryland license number is 99.

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