GSA Approved Safes and Containers

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With our nation’s security at risk, we must do everything to be certain our classified information is stored in containers that provide the protection intended. We have experience installing GSA containers and safes. Whether you represent the military, government or a civilian contractor, we have what you need.

Many containers are available in all popular configurations including one, two, four and five drawer filing cabinets, map plan containers and general purpose containers.

GSA containers are typically used for the storage of sensitive items subject to outright theft such as weapons, ammunition and classified documents, precious metals, and evidence. They can withstand extended forced entry attacks. We not only sell GSA containers and safes, we also move GSA safes from facility to facility.

Our technicians are experienced and equipped to properly service, open, and repair your GSA containers and safes.

Drilling Open a GSA Safe

Advanced Security Safe and Lock completed some class through a third party authorized by the DOD. Those classes certified us to install , service and repair X-10,X-9, LKM10K,SG 2740.

General Service Administration (GSA) safes and containers may look like file cabinets, but they are actually the top in the storage of classified documents, weapons, ammunition, and valuables. Anything that has information that has been deemed classified by the government is required to store that information in a GSA container.

This includes Federal offices, Universities, Government Contractors, and the Military to name a few. There are a wide variety of GSA Approved Containers to meet the needs of Federal Agencies, Contractors and organizations that store classified and top secret materials. Choosing the right security level for their requirements is often the biggest challenge that we help our clients with.

  • GSA Containers opening, and servicing
  • GSA Containers and vaults drilling and repair
  • GSA Approved container and vault inspections
  • Techs Certified with X07, X08, X09, X10, CDX10, S&G2740 and 2890PDL Locks
  • X-10 installation and operations
  • Expert Installation of LKM7000 Series
  • STC Door and Frames Rated Up To 55 Provided and Installed

Class 6 GSA containers are for classified document storage, available in 2, 4 or 5 drawer configuration file safes. Also available as special size safes, field safes, or map & plan safes.

Class 5 security filing cabinets are designed to resist forced entry and are approved for storage of classified documents, maps and plans, evidence and contraband.

Safeguard your containers with the strongest locks available with all the benefits of high-security electronic locking and the reliability of a mechanical lock.

GSA Approved Class 5 Safes

GSA Class 5 safes and containers are available in variety of shapes and sizes for secure storage of sensitive materials.

Class 5 Safes >>

GSA Approved Class 6 Safes

GSA Class 6 safes and containers offer a higher level of security and protection against covert entry.

Class 6 Safes >>

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