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Advanced Security Safe and Lock offers you a foundation of integrity, experience, and professionalism. We provide our clients peace of mind through our intelligent security integration while delivering excellence and exceeding your expectations. Our team is committed to establishing long-term business relationships by providing exceptional service and comprehensive security solutions.

Advanced Security Safe and Lock procures and provides GSA approved Security containers. We also primarily service and repair a wide spectrum of safes and vault doors. In addition we provide our clients preventive maintenance inspections. Our techs are fully certified through Kaba Mas, LockMasters, and Sargent and Greenleaf on GSA approved locks including FF-L-2740 and FF-L-2937.

We also provide GSA container identification, proper servicing, drilling and repair services. Our experts are well versed on coverage of Federal Specifications and regulations concerning GSA containers and what are to be stored in them.

Skill and Equipment

  • GSA Vaults
  • Field Safes
  • IPS/M&P Safes
  • Weapons Containers
  • S&G Model 2937
  • S&G Model 2740
  • CDX-09
  • CDX-10
  • X-09/ X-10 (LSI certified)
  • X-07/X-08
  • LKM7000 Certified
  • LKM 10K Certified
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vaultAdvanced Security Safe and Lock is certified through Kaba Mas for Installation & Operation of X-10 and X-09 Locks, Lockmasters for LKM10K lock, and Sargent and Greenleaf Model 2740 Series A Electromechanical Safe lock. Given this advanced training, Advanced Security Safe and Lock is able to fulfill your Government Lock needs as a Government third-party certified locksmith. Generally speaking, Government Locksmiths can also become certified under a DOD lock program called “GSA certified Safe and Vault training” which ASSL will have completed by December 2020. Three important institutions associated with government locksmiths are Master Locksmiths of America, Associated Locksmiths of America, and British Locksmiths Institute. One of the important aspects of the government locksmith’s job is discretion. With a country’s security at risk, any government office must be serviced only by the most trustworthy of locksmiths. The locksmith must know more than just their doors and windows; they must also know security systems, safe locks, telephone keys, drawer locks, and vehicle locks.

High priority is important for the items the government locks protect as well as for the people the locks protect and the paperwork. Any business must protect its important paperwork and investments, but government business takes on an upper level of importance.

GSA containersA Government locksmith is not just needed to pick locks and provide extra keys. Government locksmith must be top experts in their field in both customer privacy and the actual work provided. The safety of these high profile clients and what they stand for, weapons, money, records, and personal items is high priority.

It is not only the government of a country that is important; it is also the government of local and state that is a concern to a government locksmith. Any level of government must be treated with special care. If the wrong things happen with local government it can have a domino effect upon other government bodies. Anytime someone can wreak havoc with documents, forms, equipment, public safety, and privileged information, the locksmith is called to upgrade security.

A Government locksmith must have electronic and computer skills that are updated. Their knowledge of lock and keys are not all they have to practice. They must also understand thumb print and retinal scanners, pin pads, and electronic swipe cards among other things.

high security safesBecause passwords are considered a security hole, retinal scanners have taken on more importance. Retinal scanners are a form of biometric identification. They bypass passwords to move into a more complicated means of identity and security. For a retinal scanner, there is an enrollment process that captures the sample. The sample is stored in a template to be used for future authentication comparison. The template is matched against data, such as a user name or PIN.

Retinal scanning provides high accuracy, but it still meets some user resistance because of the misconception that a laser is shot into the eye. Focus on a given point is significant for accuracy, which can cause a small problem for someone with eyesight handicaps.

Other high technology advances for locksmiths to learn in a high profile field like government work are: voice recognition, iris scanning, signature verification, and facial recognition. So, as you can see, a locksmith who specializes in government work can be much more than just a lock picker and key maker.

All of our locksmith specialists are insured, licensed and bonded.

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