Key Services

Whether you need your house, business, or car key copied, need replacement for a lost key or want a master key to open all your locks at work or home you can count on our locksmith service to do the job accurately and at a fair price.

One type of rekeying we can do is Master Keying which puts all keys on a master with separate keys for each lock. Say you have 3 rooms, A, B, and C. Each one would have its own key that can only open that door, but you can have a key that will open all 3. You can also have keys that open A and B but not C, or C and A but not B, and so on. Really cuts down your key ring right?

This is extremely convenient for people who have maids or businesses with custodial staff that need to get into all the rooms or maybe all but a few you need to keep secure. You can give them 1 key that works as many doors as you choose, every doorway can have this type of re-keying.

Lock Services

Our locksmith technicians can open almost any lock without causing damage to the lock itself, re-key your lock to work with a new key or change out your lock with a new one of your choice including high security Mul-T-Lock & Medeco.

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