Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage door designs have expanded over the years from the one size and color fits all models to today’s fully made-to-order doors.

Whether you are building a new home and need a new garage door or upgrading your existing garage door, there a few things you need to know that will help you select the right garage door for your home.


1. Pick the best fitting material for your garage door

There are two main kinds of garage doors; steel and wood. Steel garage doors are durable and easy to maintain. They also give you the extra benefit of choosing from one, two or three construction styles for noise reduction and extra durability. The advantage of garage door made from wood lies in their beauty and feeling of warmth. The material of the garage door you decide to choose may also depend on your temperatures. Steel doors typically work in most weather conditions while wood garage doors may not be suitable in areas with damp climates.

2. Carefully choose your door color

Right now, you can get garage doors in just about any color as manufacturers constantly strive to satisfy customer wants. The color you choose may depend on your neighborhood. Some neighborhood Associations impose strict conditions on design, color and materials of garage doors and may require the color of your garage door to conform to certain rules. Consult your neighborhood or homeowner association before shopping for new garage doors to make sure there are no restrictions on door colors, materials or styles.

3. Decide on your door budget

Whether you are shopping for a door for your new home or you are simply upgrading the door you have now, you must know the cost of the new door. Buying a door not within your budget that does not add real value to your home may not be the right decision. Consider all options and decide if adding a custom-made garage door to your home is worth the investment.

4. Are you choosing the right style for your garage door?

Consider curb appeal because the style you decide on will affect your home’s value.. The appearance of your home affects the price prospective buyers are willing to offer for the home. Since garage door is about 40 percent of your home’s façade, it is important that you choose the style of your garage door with wisdom.

5. Look at garage door durability

Depending on the part of the country you live in, it may be necessary to select your garage door based on factors like wind and hurricane-force resistance. Decide on a garage door that meets your local government regulation. Because wind load requirements vary, consider door size, location on the home, wind zones and more when selecting your garage door.

6. Contact your local garage door expert

Contact your local garage door service specialist before buying a garage door. As specialists, we work with garage doors all the time and have the expertise to answer any question. We are also familiar with local zoning, wind force, color, style and homeowner association requirements. In Maryland and DC, contact at 410-773-9905 for all your garage door needs.

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