Is your future keyless?

Keyless locks infographic

Schlage conducted a recent survey to see how consumers feel about going keyless. The results were fascinating.  A majority (75%) of younger Americans, ages 18-34, believe that keyless locks will soon be inevitable while 62% of all who were surveyed believe we will soon live in a keyless society. They created the infographic below to display the rest the results.

  • 65% of Americans would consider a keyless lock if they could more easily access there home without compromosing security
  • 53% of Americans believe that having a keyless lock would save them time
  • 25% of Americans spend 3 minutes a day looking for keys. That’s over 18 hours a year
  • 65% of Americans admit to being locked out of there home because they lost, misplaced or forgot their keys
  • 4 out of 5 americans believe that there would be a benefit to having a keyless electronic lock on there door
  • Women are more likely than men to consider being able to lock and unlock their door when their hands are full.  (60% to 53%)
  • 62% of Americans believe that we will soon live in a keyless society


Is Your Future Keyless?

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