Aluminum doors

Benefits of an aluminum Door

Aluminum door frame installation for your businessAluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is easily formed into many shapes and configurations, which is why it’s the most common commercial framing material for business doors. Not only does aluminum provide greater strength than a wooden door, but because it’s more resistant to the elements it’s not likely to warp or rot.

  • Its tough surface resists denting and weathering.
  • Look professional
  • Low maintenance
  • Very Secure
  • Have the highest standards for air and water infiltration and structural integrity.

Traditional Aluminum doors are also best suited for light or heavy commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, and government buildings.

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Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are manufactured to mesh into drywall partitions and even adapted to accommodate shifting wall conditions. We expertly build angled, segmented and frame configurations to any specification that you may need. Our frames all meet LEED standards

  • Low Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings
  • Regional Materials
  • Recycled Content

Aluminum Threshold

A threshold provides a seal on the door when it’s closed by pressing against the bottom of the door which keeps the air, moisture and dust out. When installed properly, no additional hardware is needed, although door sweeps are often installed providing an attractive accent to the door.

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