3 do it yourself ways to keep your valuables safe

Keep your valuables safe

Even the best security system isn’t completely foolproof, and in the event of a break-in you still don’t want your valuables stolen. So what better way to hide them than doing it in plain site. here are 3 easy ways to hide your best stuff.

Hide your valuables in Hollowed out book

Protect your valuables in a false drawer

Placing your valuables inside a potted plant

Hollowed out book

What you need:

Old book
Box Cutter

This is a classic, it’s cheap, easy and since it’s usually reserved for movies, no burglar would expect it in real life. Hopefully you’ve chosen a book that you don’t really care about. Use the pen to mark a large square in the book, then take the box cutter and cut around 5 to 100 pages in or deep enough to store whatever you want (we won’t ask).

False drawer Bottom

What you need:

Thin wood
Measuring tape

First things first, empty out your drawer, then measure the inside and cut that size out of the thin wood. Then place your safe or other valuable in the safe and cover it with the wood to make a false bottom.

Hiding in a potted plant

What you need:

Waterproof container
Potted plant

Home intruders want to spend as little time in your home as possible, they’re not going to search your plants. That makes it a perfect place to hide anything. Just take what you want to hide and put it in a waterproof container. Then dig down to the bottom of the plant and cover it up.

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