10 security tips to keep your family safe during the summer

Some basic guidelines to keep your family safe this summer

It’s summer, and nothing says summer quite like 90 degree weather, BBQ’s and vacations. As relaxing a vacations are, can you really relax when you have the looming threat of a break-in hanging above you? (or if you haven’t thought of it, now you will). Well we think of it all the time, and decided to compile a quick list of what you can do to protect your house, whether your relaxing locally, or going out of town.

Get an alarm for your car in MD and DCMake sure to keep doors locked when stepping out, and if a window is open, only keep it open a few inches for ventilation and not open all the way.

Remember to lock your gates, garages, and sheds after each use.

Store your bikes, lawnmowers, and other outdoor paraphernalia in the previously locked garage or shed, or lock them to some stationary point.

When you’re away from home, don’t leave a note on the door and advertise that you’re not home.

Don’t leave your keys under your doormat, or other obvious hiding spots. The reverse psychology doesn’t work and people will check it and find it.

Recognize people who belong in your neighborhood, development, or apartment, and who isn’t normally there

Use your peephole to know who’s at your door before opening it.

If you suspect that someone has broken into your home ie; a broken window or suspicious sounds in the house, call the police and don’t go in

Don’t make a habit of discussing your finances or possessions with strangers.

Keep your valuables and jewelry in a safe or safety deposit box 

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