Top Ten Reasons to Replace Your Business Door

Top Ten Reasons to Replace Your Business Door:

For a commercial establishment, especially a retail business, the door is like the face. An old door or one that doesn’t suit your business needs ought to be replaced. Here are the top ten reasons why:


1. The door is your handshake. It’s the first and last thing the customer experiences when they interact with your place of business. An old, battered door gives the wrong message before they’re even inside your business.

2. The door is an inexpensive upgrade. Compared to replacing display windows, or overhauling the building facade, a new door is generally a relatively low cost way to keep your establishment looking fresh. Moreover, customers are apt to notice the quality of the door before they notice surrounding features, so this is excellent value.

3. The door is your security system. All the dead-bolts in the world are worthless on a poorly constructed door or jamb. In the unfortunate event of burglary, this is the most likely point of entry. Don’t make it easy.

4. The door is your message board. Whether it is an “Out to lunch” sign, the hours, or promotional information, customers will be looking at your door even when your business is closed. It should look like a well-designed medium for that information.

5. The door defines your space. When a customer enters your business, you want them to enter a slightly different world. This is essential for customer loyalty, and the moment it happens is when they step across the threshold. Make it count.

6. Old doors leak air. You’re paying money for heat and AC. Don’t pay for the street outside. An old door-jamb can easily have leaks equivalent to a hole the size of a postcard. Twice that, if it has a mail slot.

7. Narrow doors choke customers. A narrow entry-way tells the world that you don’t want all that many customers at a time. And they’ll get the message.

8. Doors should be inviting. Customers walk past doors that are drab, recessed, poorly lit, or just boring. Don’t expect your customers to run an obstacle course, or find you with GPS.

9. Broken doors are a nightmare. Old doors fail, and when they fail, it becomes very hard to secure the building until you can get a contractor in. Not fun.

10. Doors are part of the overall entryway. An entrance may include multiple sets of doors, flanking displays, security systems… but it all starts with the front door.

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