Protect Your Family on the Go

                Getting on the road every morning with no expectations of interfering events becomes second nature, but concern for the family and their whereabouts never quite ceases to exist. Here at Advanced Security Safe & Lock we use and recommend using the GPS Tracking Pro (Life360) App, which makes locating your family on a private map and their latest updates possible. Keeping you and your loved ones secure at all times is important and necessary. The Life360 App is cutting edge for its most recent tracking technology. Not only does Life360 offer the location of family members and friends, it also includes many other beneficial features such as:


Detecting any crime, assaults or registered offenders in that particular area with all of the necessary details
Locating nearby hospitals
Sending out a reminder or an urgent alert to a group (known as “Circles”) or individuals

Instant messaging such as, “I’m home” to “Get out of there, danger zone!” can easily be sent
You can also check a member’s arrival status when gathering for a family event to ensure that they are safe

Saving money by chatting on this app for free
Locating a lost or stolen phone

Even if a phone has dropped in water and is not functioning, Life360 can check the last place that the phone was located and when
Life360 even offers tracking for up to five non-smartphones for a limited amount of payment per month

Having your family members and friends safe even when you are not available is possible with the 24/7 Live Advisor
A built in Panic Feature- when you are in dire danger, an automatic email, text message, phone call and your GPS location is sent to your entire contact list

Knowing that the people you care about are safe is crucial and relieves much stress. With a few taps, you can easily install this app for free.  Just simply search GPS Tracking Pro (Life360) App on iTunes or Google Play stores and hit “install”. Promoting security in your family shows that you care, so protect your family and yourself on the go with Life360.


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