Exit Devices

Panic BarThere are thousands of different Exit Devices on the market but not all are created equal. Each device serves a specific purpose that it was made for. Narrowing your options down to which purpose you need can help you choose exactly which device you need.

There are really only a few main purposes you will need to choose from. Well-made mechanisms paired with our expert installation make these devices a durable and dependable option for any business.

Crash/Panic bars are one of the most common used on commercial metal doors, you see them in most stairwells, exit doors of a building, and all fire exit routes in the building.

These can come in many different styles based around levels of security, functionality, and what is aesthetically pleasing.

3 Main Types Of Panic Bars:

Horizontal Panic Bar

Horizontal panic bars are surface mounted to the door latching to the side of the door frame when closed. These Panic Bars are usually a lot cheaper than the other 2 types but are still very versatile. The mechanisms inside the bar are usually on the simpler side and replacement is easier due to most parts being universal.

Vertical Rod Panic Bar

Vertical Rod Exit Devices are the most common ones used in larger commercial properties because of the double latching mechanism it uses. It latches into the top and bottom of the frame and is very difficult to tamper with from the exterior of the door. These are usually surface mounted on the door but some types of doors can have Concealed models installed. The mechanisms on these types of devices are usually a lot more complicated but are still incredibly durable. Our technicians are masters of these complicated mechanics making repairs more common than replacements.

Fire Exit/Alarmed Panic Bar

Fire Exit devices are usually pretty similar to the other types of panic bars but they have an alarm that will sound off if you open them. Detex, the main brand we use, has many different options of emergency exit devices for all commercial applications. These also have a key cylinder on the interior of the door that you can use to arm/ disarm the system for easy passage if you need to use the door temporarily. These are triggered when the latch is retracted so if someone manages to break into that door the alarm will immediately start blaring and deter the criminals.

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