Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is one of the most important parts of garage doors to keep uninvited guests out, and of-course it’s one of the most often needed garage door repair item. Having the door come down to ground level can only help so much against pests without the proper weather stripping.

Garage door weather stripping can only do so much against the cold of winter but it can protect well against the pests seeking warmth in your home. Updating and replacing your weather stripping on garage doors can help keep mice out of your house a lot better than Mr. Whiskers can. Fixing those cracks and gaps in the frame and paneling will also help out against those pesky mice as well as keeping it warmer.

Torsion Springs

Garage door torsion springs are attached just above the closed doors and are another common repair item in your garage. Over time the springs can become weakened by the stress of opening and closing the door, rendering them less effective and maybe even dangerous. The garage door can fall down unexpectedly when the torsion springs are weak or if they end up breaking, potentially causing injury.

It can be just as dangerous to repair the torsion springs, as you not only need the right tools for the job but also good knowledge of the mechanics involved. Some of the parts involved in the repair process can be dangerous and life threatening if not handled with care and precision. Therefore, it is usually a good advice to have a professional come in and help you. Give us a call at the first sign of torsion spring problem and make sure to have your door checked and maintenance done once a year for good measure.

Garage Door Locks

If your garage door is manually pulled up, let us make sure you have a secure lock on it. It’s no secret, if you have a garage you will store things inside of it. Criminals know that and usually pick garage doors as easy access points.

Your garage door should be a second layer of defense to the regular door inside of it that leads to your home. So many people leave the entry door from their garage unlocked because they think no one will be able to get into the garage, which is usually untrue. It is fairly easy for a criminal to pry up a garage door or even just break the lock to get inside.

A high security lock on your garage door can give you peace of mind by making it much tougher for someone to break in.

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