Think of the worst time your door broke.

  • Like that time you invited a prospective customer to a meeting got locked in the meeting room as you were about to sign the deal (he isn’t answering your calls).
  • Or the time the boss left early, taking the only key with him, locking the staff inside the office.
  • Or that time the front door wouldn’t close after a marathon 14 hour day, forcing you to wait another 2 hours before a reliable repairman could come by.

You’ve heard the horror stories, everyone’s got one. And if you don’t, don’t worry you’ll get yours soon enough. You spend enough time awake at night worrying to have to add this to the list. Fortunately for you, you no longer have anything to worry about.
You have a friend that will help you out of any situation.

  • That customer stuck in the meeting? We’d save the deal
  • The locked in employees? We’d get them out before the lawsuit
  • The stuck front door? we’d get it locked so you can get home

You’ll want to keep our number in your back pocket Our 10 years of experience has given us the ability to handle any and all issues with door repairs, so you will never have to worry that a job is outside of our expertise.

We take the quality of our work very seriously. From the quality hardware we use to our punctuality and fair pricing, we don’t leave unless the job is done right. But don’t take my word for it. Let me show you the quality service others are experienced.


Commercial door repair and replacement throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Licensed, bonded and insured technicians for your protection.

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